At Coconut Apps, we're proud to provide high quality apps on Android devices.

Professionally designing, developing and customizing diverse android based solutions.

From requirements gathering, all the way to publishing to the Play Store, Coconut Apps has got you covered.

Our native Android apps are built from the floor up.

All our apps are unique and catered towards your specific requirements with complete customization, and are all written in Java.

Our Portfolio

My Yoga Poses

Learn and practice yoga poses with My Yoga Poses. Rate each one based on the level of difficulty it gives you until you complete them all! Namaste.

Jimmy Carr Jokes

Jimmy Carr's funniest jokes! Black humour, blue humour, and satire coming your way!

Steven Wright Jokes

Steven Wright's funniest jokes! The best of surreal humor, one-liners, deadpan, and word play!

Milton Jones Jokes

Milton Jones's funniest jokes! The best of surreal humor, one-liners, and deadpan!

Stewart Francis Jokes

Stewart Francis's funniest jokes! Deadpan and wit is his specialty!

Demetri Martin Jokes

Demetri Martin's funniest jokes! Surreal humor, wit, wordplay, observational comedy, and deadpan comedy all in one place!

7SportsTv Streaming

The 1st 24hr webtv in Cyprus! Now streaming online on Android devices!

Polevikradio Streaming

Use your device to listen to your favourite radio station, for free!


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